Predicting Change Propagation Impacts in Collaborative Business processes

Predicting Change Propagation Impacts in Collaborative Business processes


During the life cycle of a Business-to-Business (B2B) collab- oration, companies may need to redesign or change parts of their service orchestrations. A change request proposed by one partner will, in most cases, result in changes to other partner orchestration. An accurate prediction of the behav- ior of a change request and an analysis of its impacts on the collaboration allows to avoid significant costs related to unsuccessful propagation, e.g. negotiation fail. This pa- per focuses on predicting the likelihood of a change request propagation as well as its ripple effects on the overall col- laboration. To estimate these values, the approach analyses the collaboration structure through a priori analysis. We will show how the prediction models can be specified and implemented within a proof-of-concept prototype. Discus- sion will be provided on visualization possibilities and model validation.

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  • Fdhila, Walid
  • Rinderle-Ma, Stefanie
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The 29th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC) - Enterprise Engineering
Workflow Systems and Technology
Software Engineering
Theoretische Informatik
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Gyeongju, Korea
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March 24-28 , 2014
March 2014
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