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Journal Paper

  • Vértesy, Ábel and Eichmueller, Oliver L and Naas, Julia and Novatchkova, Maria and Esk, Christopher and Balmana, Meritxell and Ladstaetter, Sabrina and Bock, Christoph and von Haeseler, Arndt and Knoblich, Jürgen A. ISSN 0261-4189 Wiley-Blackwell- published through EMBO Press with support from Wiley (2022)
  • Bangert, Christine and Villazala-Merino, Sergio and Fahrenberger, Martin and Krausgruber, Thomas and Bauer, Wolfgang and Stanek, Victoria and Campion, Nicholas James and Bartosik, Tina and Quint, Tamara and Regelsberger, Guenther and Niederberger-Leppin, Verena and Bock, Christoph and Schneider, Sven and Eckl-Dorna, Julia ISSN 1664-3224 Frontiers Media S.A (2022)
  • Popa, Alexandra and Genger, Jakob-Wendelin and Nicholson, Michael D. and Penz, Thomas and Schmid, Daniela and Aberle, Stephan W. and Agerer, Benedikt and Lercher, Alexander and Endler, Lukas and Colaço, Henrique and Smyth, Mark and Schuster, Michael and Grau, Miguel L. and Martínez-Jiménez, Francisco and Pich, Oriol and Borena, Wegene and Pawelka, Erich and Keszei, Zsofia and Senekowitsch, Martin and Laine, Jan and Aberle, Judith H. and Redlberger-Fritz, Monika and Karolyi, Mario and Zoufaly, Alexander and Maritschnik, Sabine and Borkovec, Martin and Hufnagl, Peter and Nairz, Manfred and Weiss, Günter and Wolfinger, Michael T. and von Laer, Dorothee and Superti-Furga, Giulio and Lopez-Bigas, Nuria and Puchhammer-Stöckl, Elisabeth and Allerberger, Franz and Michor, Franziska and Bock, Christoph and Bergthaler, Andreas Science Translational Medicine, 12 (573). eabe2555 ISSN 1646-6234 (2020)
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