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  • Gerresheim, Gesche and Dünnes, Nadia and Nieder-Röhrmann, Anika and Shalamova, Lyudmila and Fricke, Markus and Hofacker, Ivo L. and Höner zu Siederdissen, Christian and Marz, Manja and Niepmann, Michael pp. 747-760 ISSN 1420-682X (2017)
  • Hölzer, Martin and Krähling , Verena and Amman, Fabian and Barth, Emanuel and Bernhart, Stephan H. and Carmelo, Victor and Collatz, Maximilian and Doose, Gero and Eggenhofer, Florian and Ewald, Jan and Fallmann, Jörg and Feldhahn, Lasse and Fricke, Markus and Gebauer, Juliane and Gruber, Andreas R and Hufsky, Franziska and Indrischek, Henrike and Kanton, Sabina and Linde, Jörg and Mostajo, Nelly and Ochsenreiter, Roman and Riege, Konstantin and Rivarola-Duarte, Lorena and Sahyoun, Abdullah and Saunders, Sita and Seemann, Stefan E and Tanzer, Andrea and Vorgel, bertram and Wehner, Stefanie and Wolfinger, Michael T. and Backofen, Rolf and Gorodkin, Jan and Grosse, Ivo and Hoffmann, Steve and Hofacker, Ivo L. and Kaleta, Christoph and Stadler, Peter F. and Becker, Stephan and Marz, Manja ISSN 2045-2322 (2016)
  • Marz, Manja and Beerenwinkel, Niko and Drosten, Christian and Fricke, Markus and Frishman, Dmitrij and Hofacker, Ivo L. and Hoffmann, Dieter and Middendorf, Martin and Rattei, Thomas and Stadler, Peter F. and Töpfer, Armin Bioinformatics, 30. pp. 1793-1799 ISSN 1367-4803 (2014)
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