Model-Driven Development of Multi-View Modeling Tools (Poster)

Model-Driven Development of Multi-View Modeling Tools (Poster)


Effectiveness of comprehensive modelling methods considerably benefits by the availability of appropriate tool support. Multi-view modeling methods enable the analysis of complex systems by separating the model into several, interrelated views. The combination of the views gives the whole model of the system. However, there is a significant semantic gap between a multi-view modelling method and the design of a corresponding modelling tool. The MuVieMoT approach contributes to bridge that gap by means of explicitly focusing the early steps in the design process of a modelling tool. MuVieMoT itself comprises four steps: The definition of a Modeling Scenario, followed by the specification of meta models and view models, the identification of use cases in the context of multiple views, and finally the condensation of all gathered information into a comprehensive conceptual design model for multi-view modeling tools.

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Accepted for phd poster session for the Austrian Computer Science Day 2014 taking place at June 6th at the TU Graz.

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  • Bork, Dominik
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  • Domenik Bork
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June 2014
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