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Journal Paper

  • Riva, Laura and Yuan, Shuofeng and Yin, Xin and Martin-Sancho, Laura and Matsunaga, Naoko and Pache, Lars and Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, Sebastian and De Jesus, Paul D. and Teriete, Peter and Hull, Mitchell V. and Chang, Max W. and Chan, Jasper Fuk-Woo and Cao, Jianli and Poon, Vincent Kwok-Man and Herbert, Kristina M. and Cheng, Kuoyuan and Nguyen, Tu-Trinh H. and Rubanov, Andrey and Pu, Yuan and Nguyen, Courtney and Choi, Angela and Rathnasinghe, Raveen and Schotsaert, Michael and Miorin, Lisa and Dejosez, Marion and Zwanka, Thomas P. and Sit, Ko-Yung and Martinez-Sobrido, Luis and Liu, Wen-Chun and White, Kris M. and Chapman, Mackenzie E. and Lendy, Emma K. and Glynne, Richard J. and Albrecht, Randy and Ruppin, Eytan and Mesecar, Andrew D. and Johnson, Jeffrey R. and Benner, Christopher and Sun, Ren and Schultz, Peter G. and Su, Andrew I. and García-Sastre, Adolfo and Chatterjee, Arnab K. and Yuen, Kwok-Yung and Chanda, Sumit K. pp. 113-119 ISSN 0028-0836 Springer Nature (2020)
  • Leuchtenberger, Alina F. and Crotty, Stephen and Drucks, Tamara and Schmidt, H. A. and Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, Sebastian and von Haeseler, Arndt pp. 3632-3641 ISSN 0737-4038 Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (2020)
  • Waagmeester, Andra and Stupp, Gregory and Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, Sebastian and Good, Benjamin M and Griffith, Malachi and Hanspers, Kristina and Griffith, Obi L and Hermjakob, Henning and Hudson, Toby S and Hybiske, Kevin and Keating, Sarah M and Manske, Magnus and Mayers, Michael and Mietchen, Daniel and Mitraka, Elvira and Pico, Alexander R and Putman, Timothy and Riutta, Anders and Queralt-Rosinach, Nuria and Schriml, Lynn M and Shafee, Thomas and Slenter, Denise and Stephan, Ralf and Tsueng, Ginger and Thornton, Katherine and Tu, Roger and Ul-Hasan, Sabah and Willighagen, Egon and Wu, Chunlei and Su, Andrew I ISSN 2050-084X eLife Sciences Publications Ltd. (2020)
  • Drucks, Tamara and Leuchtenberger, Alina F. and Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, Sebastian and Crotty, Stephen and Schmidt, Heiko A. and von Haeseler, Arndt ISSN none Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (2019)
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