Items where Research Area is "Bioinformatics and Computational Biology" and Year is 2022

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  • Bangert, Christine and Villazala-Merino, Sergio and Fahrenberger, Martin and Krausgruber, Thomas and Bauer, Wolfgang and Stanek, Victoria and Campion, Nicholas James and Bartosik, Tina and Quint, Tamara and Regelsberger, Guenther and Niederberger-Leppin, Verena and Bock, Christoph and Schneider, Sven and Eckl-Dorna, Julia ISSN 1664-3224 Frontiers Media S.A (2022)
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  • Crotty, Stephen and Holland, Barbara R ISSN 1063-5157 Oxford University Press, Society of Systematic Biologists (2022)
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  • Dekens, Marcus P S and Fontinha, Bruno M. and Gallach, Miguel and Pflügler, Sandra and Tessmar-Raible, Kristin ISSN 1469-221X European Molecular Biology Organization, Nature Portfolio (2022)
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  • Huth, Michelle and Santini, Laura and Galimberti, Elena and Ramesmayer, Julia and Titz-Teixeira, Fabian and Sehlke, Robert and Oberhuemer, Petra and Stummer, Sarah and Herzog, Veronika A. and Garmhausen, Michelle and Romeike, Merrit and Chugunova, Anastasia and Leesch, Katrin Friederike and Holcik, Laurenz and Weipoltshammer, Klara and Lackner, Andreas and Schoefer, Christian and von Haeseler, Arndt and Buecker, Christa and Pauli, Andrea and Ameres, Stefan L. and Smith, Austin and Beyer, Andreas and Leeb, Martin pp. 348-367 ISSN 1549-5477 (2022)
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  • Kaczanowska, Joanna and Ganglberger, Florian and Chernomor, Olga and Kargl, Dominic and Galik, Bence and Hess, Andreas and Moodley, Yoshan and von Haeseler, Arndt and Bühler, Katja and Haubensak, Wulf ISSN 2211-1247 Cell Press (2022)
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  • Tiedeck, Sofie and Heindl, Moritz B and Kramlinger, Peter and Naas, Julia and Brütting, Fabian and Kirkwood, Nicholas and Mulvaney, Paul and Herink, Georg pp. 2931-2937 ISSN 2330-4022 American Chemical Society (2022)
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  • Voznica, Jakub and Zhukova, Anna and Boskova, Veronika and Saulnier, E. and Lemoine, F and Moslonka-Lefebvre, Mathieu and Gascuel, Olivier ISSN 2041-1723 Springer Nature (2022)
  • Vértesy, Ábel and Eichmueller, Oliver L and Naas, Julia and Novatchkova, Maria and Esk, Christopher and Balmana, Meritxell and Ladstaetter, Sabrina and Bock, Christoph and von Haeseler, Arndt and Knoblich, Jürgen A. ISSN 0261-4189 Wiley-Blackwell- published through EMBO Press with support from Wiley (2022)
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